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                         SOME OF OUR CURRENT MEMBERS



Innov8 Theatre has been a wonderful experience for me and myself. This has definitely helped me to build my confidence in many ways. Throughout the plays and rehearsals, in Innov8 Theatre I have actually found my own self and who I am in as a person. Before, I didn't really know who I was , what I was good at, what my reputation was like, but throughout the year I am beginning to find my own self in me. The people at Innov8 are so kind, I have met people I would never imagine meeting, seeing and watching their own skills in drama is amazing, and exciting to work with. I thank Melanie Clarke for giving me an opportunity and introducing me to Innov8 Theatre, for I really enjoy acting on stage and especially on theatre. Melanie Clarke, I couldn't have done it 'Without You' (hahahaha i stole your quote tehehe!) Thank you!  

Cyrene 15

The group has been beneficial to me bcuz...It helps me build up my confidence. Develops my skills for work in school. I’m doing something productive on my Saturdays.

I like the group bcuz...

There is acceptance of everyone.

We tackle difficult issues thru our work in a positive way.

Every1 has fun but are serious about our work.

Trevelle 15

My name is Najma Jokhia and I'm 12 years old. I joined the Innov8 Theatre group a year ago and have already performed three great performances, ''Positive Vibes'', ''Without You and ''A World Apart'' I decided to join this theatre group because I thought it was a great opportunity to show my talent which I want to develop further, I was very nervous but when I met my other group members I felt welcome, there was a warm feeling and I've grown very close to them. My inspiration comes from my teacher, none of us would be in this place without her. She gives us self confidence and promotes our talents and supports us in every way she can. The Innov8 theatre group is like one big family who come up with wonderful ideas for different plays. I've enjoyed every second of my time in this group so far, it's given me a chance to experience life of a real life actress. I would really like this group to expand and stay together. I want to perform more plays in the future and hope someday that someone could see the talent we all have and promote us further.


Najma 12

Innov8 is a drama group filled with people of different ages and in some respects are completely different but their love for drama links them together. The group is like a family the jokes and memories we've shared are just amazing, so it’s true what they say you don't need to be blood related to feel like a family. Each member brings something different to the group.

Anbmrin 14


Hi, Im Zara Rahim and I’ve been a member of INNOV8 Youth Theatre for little over a year now. Before INNOV8 myself along with other members of INNOV8 embodied the tired clichés of life without recreational activities on a weekend. Since the birth of INNOV8 many of us have been introduced to opportunities that without so we wouldn’t have ever had the prospect of. INNOV8 is a name that has since come attached with numerous achievements and something we all positively use on References and CV’s alike.

INNOV8 has become an integral and respected part of the community where the mention of the name introduces the individual characteristics of the group. On stage the presence and atmosphere is one that the audience has become accustomed too and welcomes. Our critically acclaimed performances have only improved along with our own confidence and realization of ourselves.

The beauty of INNOV8 is that it has become a family. A place where one feels safe to grow as a person. Everyone’s individual persona has become a part of the group, a part of the performance and part of us.  A relationship people feel envy and admiration for.

The stories and performances we try and tackle many would try and tell us its too sophisticated but then and again we try and with the support of each other we have so far been immensely successful. Part of this we feel is due to the fact that we tackle the controversial themes with maturity without the feeling of exclusion and the interjection of our own ideas, takes and personality.

I could easily write you a list compromising of 50+ qualities of INNOV8 and its members but the fact of the matter is that anyone who has come has instantly felt a part of INNOV8 and have grown as a person. Whether that be in confidence, in generating ideas or just having company and feeling as though they themselves can be company despite any insecurities that are soon banished!

Truly a sense of accomplishment, Truly a rare sense of inspiration.

Truly unique, Truly us, Truly we.  Purely INNOV8 here to stay. 


Zara 14 



Zara and Emmon.
























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