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Without You by Melanie Clarke

A beautiful, emotive script centring around a family of six girls and their mother who are left to cope with life after the sudden disappearance of their father. It begins with opening monologues by each member of the family and ends a year later. The plot is revealed through a variety of highly charged and sensitive scenes; which explore the anger, frustration and hurt of the daughters along with the gradual emotional and psychological decline of their mother, depicted through abstract scenes involving her menacing chorus.

This is a superb piece of theatre for both director and cast to create  their own vision of the family's story.

16+ roles

Script Extract:

Imaani:               January 1st 2010. The day our lives changed forever, the day he left. The start of the year, it’s supposed to be a time for new beginnings, a time for hope. A time to make plans for the future, right? Well futures are never certain are they? So maybe it was always a waste of time making big plans for how wonderful things were going to be, because let’s face it, they weren’t. In 2009, dad lost his job. In 2010…he disappeared. And this is how we coped, without him.


Tara:                 I can’t believe it! How could he do this? Just abandon us as if   we don’t mean anything to him. How selfish! All these years, he goes on about being responsible, mature, caring and about how important family is. He lied didn’t he? Our own dad lied to us, all of us. Family was never important, not to him.


Lana:                I don’t really understand what’s happened. I don’t really see how he could have just gone like that. There must be a reason? There must be something important that he has to deal with? Maybe he just needs a bit of time, to think things over? Maybe he’s sick? Oh no, that’s what it is, he’s sick and he can’t face telling us so he’s gone. I hope he’s alright. I miss him.


Sabrina:           Missing. My dad’s missing. Presumed dead? I know. That’s morbid isn’t it. But that might be the only way I can cope with this, if I assume he’s dead. Because if he is, then there’s a reason, a real reason why he can’t be with us, a reason other than what seems to be the truth….that he doesn’t want to be with us. So, is he dead? To me…..maybe.


Natasha:          Honestly. I’m not surprised. I’m not saying this is normal, your dad disappearing, leaving. But I can’t say it’s a total shock, if we add up everything that’s happened over the last year. His mum died, suddenly. If she’d been ill for some time, maybe he could have had time to adjust, that’s what he’d said, when it happened, but it was so sudden. And he felt guilty that he hadn’t been there at the end. How could he? How could he have known? He was always so busy too, with work. It’s not as though he could keep visiting. But he tried to stay strong, for us. And then work, the same work that had him feeling guilty about not having enough time,  that finished too. He was made redundant. The worst thing was, he hadn’t been there long enough to get a decent payout. He’s worked all his life and he moved to this company, one that had “prospects.” And then it was over…last in, first out. He was a proud man who had always provided for his family. And now, he couldn’t. The day he lost his job - that was the day we lost him.


Ruby:               I feel like I’ve lost everything. I thought it would be o.k. My sisters said it would be alright, he’d be home soon. But I’ve looked in mum’s eyes and I can see things aren’t just going to work out. I saw worry, and fear. She doesn’t know when he’s coming back and they don’t think he’s coming back. I keep checking my phone, to see if he’s called. He never has. It’s been weeks now and sometimes I get angry, it’s as if they’re trying to forget him. I’ll never do that, but I do wonder sometimes…could he forget about us?


Maysoon:         I love my husband. I love him more than I have ever loved anyone. He was my first and only love and I thought we would be together forever. Rocking together in a chair with us dribbling in our old age, walking down the street, one hand on a stick and the other holding each other’s hand. We were supposed to be the golden couple. So where did it all go wrong? When did it all change? What made my husband walk out on me and our children? I confided in him. I’m not saying we were perfect, we weren’t, but I thought…I thought any problems we had, we could overcome…together. This isn’t what I wanted. We had our family together, I wasn’t meant to bring them up alone. Six months ago, I would never have believed he would ever leave us. Now? I truly believe he won’t be coming back.

Imaani:             So that was it. Six kids, one wife and he left us, left us all, to pick up the pieces of the mess he left behind. I hope he’s happy, because someone ought to be. And I hope he can live with himself, because we’re barely living without him.