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Rose & The Seven Extract by Melanie Clarke

IA Modern day fairy-tale with a difference, Rose & The Seven tells the story of a group of Uni students in a house-share; naive Rose and her seven companions; including child prodigy "Doc" angry regretful "Michel" Dreamy idealistic "Zahra" and the enigmatic and troubled, "Cassie" A fantastic ensemble piece for a mixed cast with plenty of humour as well as pathos

Zahra:                You’ve never had a bedtime story? No Cinderella?                                  Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

Alex:                    (Wry) You haven’t lived.

Summer:           Fairytales are lovely! It’s all Princesses and happy                             endings!

Doc:                    It doesn’t really appeal. I don’t feel I’ve missed out. I                              just read…other texts.

Michel:                What, like the Origin of The Species?

Doc:                    When I was six, yes.

Charlie:               You’re amazing. I was nervous about the whole                            house-share thing, but it must be harder for you,                                      you’re only 12.

Doc:                   13 in two weeks. Age is just a number. I’ve always

                           felt  older than my years.

Michel:                13 at Uni! That’s beyond cool. Doc, you’re my hero.

Doc:                  Thank-you. But I don’t feel I’m a hero. Certainly not                     the accepted sense of the word. I’m aware of                            my achievements but I’m no more special than either


Alex:                  Come on, Doc. You don’t believe that! But thanks for                             the sensitivity to save our egos.

Zahra:                This is why the world is so beautiful. A young woman                              like Doc can realise her dreams without being  

                          restrained by rules. Who says a 12 year old girl can’t                           go to Uni and study………

Doc:                   Medicine.

Alex:                   What else?

Doc:                   I had my sights set on Engineering but it was felt I                                 should concentrate on one discipline at a time, make                               sure I can adjust to the environment and such.            

Zahra:                 Well welcome. Rose arrived today as well. /

Rose:                  Nice to meet /

Zahra:                 So it’s good to see all the rooms finally occupied.

Alex:                    To be fair, it’s a big house but it’s starting to feel a little


Doc:                    I’m sure they said the smallest room in the house was                            still available to rent /

Summer:           It is /

Zahra:                Space isn’t a problem. Did you know the bamboo bat

                          fits entire colony into a tiny space with an opening                                    smaller than the width of a pencil?!

Michel:               We’re not bats /

Zahra:                But we can adapt! I feel like it’s the beginning of an era.                           We're all so different, we can learn so much about     

                          each other.

Doc:                  I’m sure. Thank-you.

Cassie:              You’re welcome.

Doc:                  I’m sorry and you are?

Cassie:              Cassie.

Alex:                  Yeah, she doesn’t say much.

Zahra:                “She” is in the room you know!

Alex:                  That’s debatable.

Michel:              You’re out of order, Alex.

Alex:                  I’m only saying what we’ve all been thinking since she got here.

Doc:                  I don’t think I can feel entirely comfortable with what

                         can appear to be victimisation, the singling out of.. ./

Alex:                  / We know what it means.

Zahra:                Don’t worry…..erm….Doc. We’re still getting to know

                         each other but there’s no victimisation or anything of

                         the sort.. Can I help you with your case?

Doc:                  No. Thank-you.



Celeste:             Thank-you. A simple, “thank-you” is all that I ask for all                             that I do /

Rose:                  I thank you all the time mother /

Celeste:             You say it but do you really mean it? Anyone can say                             the words but do your actions match what comes                            out of your mouth? /

Rose:                 Mum, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to have done /

Celeste:             I’ve given up my own life to look after you and how do you repay me? /

Rose:                 I didn’t ask you to /

Celeste:             Because I love you. I did it because I love you /

Rose:                 I know. And I love you too /

Celeste:             So you repay me by leaving me /

Rose:                 It’s not like that /

Celeste:             At the first opportunity you leave me /

Rose:                 I’m trying to make a better life for us /

Celeste:             What’s wrong with the life we have?! /

Rose:                 Nothing /

Celeste:             Me and you, together, here?! /

Rose:                 There’s nothing wrong. I just…..want something more /

Celeste:             So I’m not enough. /

Rose:                 You are, but /

Celeste:             How can I be? You said you wanted more so that

                          means. /

Rose:                 Mum! Mum? I love you. I love spending time with you.

                          I'm grateful for everything you’ve done……but that’s  

                          why I’m able to move on, because you’ve done such a                           good job /

Celeste:             (smiling) Have I? /

Rose:                 You have .

                          (There is a pause)

Celeste:             I’m going to tidy the kitchen /

Rose:                 It is tidy mum. Can we just talk? So that I know you understand.

Celeste:             I do understand. You’re leaving me.











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