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ALICE IN WONDER by Melanie Clarke


Alice In Wonder tells the story of a teenager, subject to the usual mood swings; who is struggling with the break up of her parent’s marriage and subsequent move to a new house. The play begins with Alice, mum and sister Louise’s arrival at their new home; bought after a mysterious brochure appeared in the post about a new development in Rednow. Alice can be thoughtless in her single-minded nature but she is not malicious. However, she arrives at her new home determined to be unhappy and seemingly blaming everyone for the difficult circumstances.

After leaving for a walk, she is shocked to find there appears to be

only one house in the Rednow development….her own. She is even more

shocked to encounter not one but two strangers who appear from no-where

 and seem both familiar and peculiar.


 Unbeknownst to Alice; these strangers, Alisha and Ecila are her alter-ego’s,

her “good” and “bad” side. Alisha is Alice’s heart, her moral conscience and

guide. Ecila is her head, impulsive, craving excitement and mischief.


Sample Page:

ALICE:             Do you always smile so much?


KAT:                 Why off course, and if you had teeth as pearly white as mine, I’ve no doubt you would smile as much as this too.


ALICE:             I don’t think I would. Your daughter.


KAT:                 My daughter. Ah, my daughter.


ALICE:             You’ve left her on the street, begging for food and water.


KAT:                 Yes. (smiling)


ALICE:             And you think that’s alright?


KAT:                 Well, admittedly, it’s not the best street in the land, but shabby chic is in this season-time apparently….ciao!


DORIAN:         (waking) She’s gone then. Will you be staying with me?


ALICE:             I ….shouldn’t really cos’ if you’re mum…comes back, she’ll want….well, you are her responsibility, she is your…


DORIAN:         It’s o.k. You should go. Everyone else does.


ALICE:             It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just that I don’t really know’s not really for me to….


DORIAN:         It’s o.k Alice. I’ll just look after myself.                      (Enter Ecila)



ECILA:             Annoying aren’t they?


ALICE:             Sorry?


ECILA:             Beggars, the homeless, needy, weak people?


ALICE:             Well I wouldn’t say they’re annoying, it’s just that I’m in a bit of a hurry that’s all.


ECILA:             I understand completely, I haven’t got any time for them either.


ALICE:             I didn’t say that, I just said I couldn’t stop. There was nothing I could do to help really.



ECILA:             Nothing at all, and let’s face it…it wasn’t really your problem…


ALICE:             That wasn’t what I meant…. (Ecila has gone)


ALISHA:           Poor girl, she only wanted someone to care for her.


ALICE:             Oh now you’re back, for what? To judge me? Look I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this anyway, it was a snap decision, I wasn’t even really thinking, I felt sorry for her but..


ALISHA:           But?


ALICE:             But there was nothing I could do.


ALISHA:           Do you think that was the right decision?


ALICE:             It was the right decision at the time.


ALISHA:           Look at the path Alice, there’s a brick missing.


ALICE:             So? What does that mean?


ALISHA:           That you’re further away from home now than when you started. Alice you’ve got to do better, for us


ALICE:             For “us” what are you talking about? Who are you?


ALISHA:           No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?


ALICE:             I’ve no idea.


ALISHA:           I’ll leave that with you.

  • 49 pages
  • 12+ female roles (some can be male/female)
  • Excellent parts for comic / serious performers
  • Music can be added to suit strengths of company
  • Exciting, intelligent script will appeal to audiences of all ages
  • Particularly suitable for School, college, youth theatres









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