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A TRIP TO REMEMBER by Melanie Clarke

Two girl's schools, one trip. Nothing could possibly go wrong....could it!! Join Oaksford and Camberbridge as they embark on tasks, challenges and experiences that they'll never forget.... A Trip to Remember will appeal to audiences of all ages and offers opportunities for young actresses to take on a variety of fun roles.

Sample pages:

Scene One:


Lizzie:                 Oh look, what’s going on here then?


Chelsea:          Dunno. Just a load of people sitting in a room as far as I can see.


Lizzie:                 Well yes, I can see that, but (slow) what…are they doing…here?


Chelsea:          (slow) I…don’t… know.


Lizzie:                 Well there must be something going on. They wouldn’t just come out of their houses “of an evening” to sit around and watch us! (pause) Chelsea, they’re watching us!


Chelsea:          Yeah, don’t be silly Elizabeth, you’re getting all dramatic now, the world doesn’t revolve around you you know…


Lizzie:                 Look, (she turns around and points to show the audience are looking at them)  They…are looking at us.


Chelsea:          (Italian mobster style) You looking at me?


Lizzie:                Chelsea! Don’t get them angry! There’s more of them than there are of us.


Chelsea:          Oh yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean it, no offence yeah…(to Lizzie) What are we gonna do?


Lizzie:                 I’ve got an idea, we’ll entertain them!


Chelsea:          How are we going to do that?


Lizzie:                 Well..just…do….well…I don’t know do I? Tell them a story or something.


Chelsea:          A story! Are you mad?! They’re missing Eastenders, Corrie, it’s freezing cold. They couldn’t get any parking and you want to “tell them a story!”


Lizzie:                 Have you got any better ideas?


Chelsea:          (pause) No.


Lizzie:                 Right then, a story it is…what’s it about?


Chelsea:          I don’t know..just choose something simple..I mean, this lot don’t look like they could cope with anything too complicated..just make sure it’s got a beginning, a middle and an end, some characters, as setting…


Lizzie:                 You have spent way too much time in the literacy hour.


Chelsea:          Haven’t we all?! Oh, and a theme.


Lizzie:                 O.k a theme…er..let’s just stick to what we know.


Chelsea:          (long pause) What do we know?


Lizzie:                 Being a girl, we know about being a girl. Don’t look at me like that, I am a girl you know, this isn’t Trisha! Come on, what are girl’s like?


(Music: Girls just wanna Have Fun. Group enters, movement, tableau. Move to centre and freeze, smiling, narrators move forward)


Chelsea:          Yes, but let’s face it, that’s not what girls are like is it? Ten girls in a room and it’s all smiles? That would never happen!


Lizzie:                 You’re right. (The group split up) Oh, I’m no good at this.


Chelsea:          No, you just need something to flesh out the story a bit…elaborate..that’s a wow word…I’ve got it! Remember that trip we had at the start of year 7?


Lizzie:   You mean Drayton Manor when I met that fit boy on Apocalpse and I tried to get his number on the way up so he tried to text it to me but then he dropped his phone and was sick on the way down and when we got to the bottom he was too embarrassed to speak to me…?


Chelsea:          No.


Lizzie:                 Oh.


Chelsea:          I mean…the one where we first met.


Lizzie:     Oh yeah! The residential weekend!


Chelsea:                        Yes! Two schools,  two groups of girls, one trip. So now, we’ve got a story….We can take this lot on a bit of a journey!


Lizzie:                 A journey, I like it…so what shall we do now?


Chelsea:          Let’s get packing!!


©    Melanie Clarke 2009

(Cast all move to places)


Dani:    You can do it!


Natalie:            I can’t do it!


Aneesa:           Come on! You can do it! Go on…you’re nearly there


Natalie:            I’m telling you, I can’t do it!


Dani:    Ah well, can’t say you didn’t try


Natalie:            Who said skinny jeans are that fashionable anyway?


Dani:    My mum used to wear them in the eighties…..she’s got photos….not pretty.


Aneesa:           You’re out of order, that’s your mum you’re talking about!


Dani:    I don’t mean the jeans! (pause)  I’m impressed she was ever that slim….it was everything else that was a mess, the hair was too big, the shoes were too bright and the make-up… was like David Bowie or something.


Aneesa:           Who’s David Bowie?


Dani:    Exactly! If she hadn’t told me it was her, I’d never have recognised her at all.


Natalie:            (she turns to reveal a badly and garishly made-up face) Yeah, it’s a good job the styles more subtle now isn’t it?


Dani:    (embarrassed) Er, yeah….a good job


Aneesa:           I don’t know why we’re making so much effort anyway, lets face it, its just a stupid school trip and its not as if any boys are going to be there.


Dani:    It’s a good job, at least we can relax without watching them trip over themselves and fake injuries trying to be good at sports they really can’t play.


Aneesa:           Ah, they’re not all like that………..o.k maybe they are……still it would be nice to find out….wouldn’t it?


Natalie:            Listen, you heard what miss said, “ a wonderful opportunity to meet girls your own age, learn from each other, and learn to appreciate each other’s company.


Dani:    Great, can’t wait, it’ll be a blast…




Lizzie:                 Have you seen this list! We would like to make it clear that the following equipment is strictly prohibited…no stereo, audio or video equipment..!


Amelia              :What does that mean.


Lizzie:                 No mp3’s, ipods or anything else that would guarantee we could listen too anything remotely interesting!


Amelia:             No way!


Lizzie:                 Way. This is out of order, it’s not fair, I’m sick of adults trying to rule our lives, it’s not as if we can’t function if we happen to be listening to’s not as if we can’t communicate or anything….


(Amelia hasn’t heard a word of this, busy listening to her mp3 player)


Amelia:             Did you say something?


Lizzie:                 Forget it. (still reading) NO PHONES!!


Amelia:             You’re having a laugh.


Lizzie:               Do you see me laughing?


Amelia:             What do you think they’ll be like, this other school anyway?


Lizzie:                 Boring, who cares, I don’t even want to go but if it gets me out of traipsing round Asda buying 3 for 2 offers with mum then I’m all for it.


Amelia:             You’ve got a point! Though Asda is good.




Emma:              This is going to be a dream come true! Think of all the activities, pursuits, challenges, adventures!


Alison:              (tired)  You’re looking forward to it then?


Emma;              Are you kidding?! I’ve been packed for two months! I’ve even brought my own two man case they’re not as prepared as I....Emma the great!!


Alison:              Emma..great (yawning) yeah..


Emma:              Alison? I can’t help feeling you aren’t looking forward to this trip as much as me. Aren’t you the least bit excited?


Alison:              I would’s just...I’m so .....tired (drops to floor)


Emma:              I know just what you need, never fear, a little pick me up will work wonders, I’ll just get a remedy from my herbal collection..treesap .... and cauliflour?


Alison:              Treesap..and wh...(Emma puts spoon in her mouth) at?


Emma:              I don’t think another drop would hurt. You are a special case.


Alison:             How long does it take to work? (freeze)



Chelsea:          Right, so that’s shoes, bags, nail-polish, make-up, toiletries, hair products, manicure kit, exfoliator....... (freeze)


Emmon:           O.k, so I’ve got one bag, is it too small? But I don’t need much?...oh god.... mum?!


Emma:              Right!


Alison:              Wooah!! This is great, they should bottle it and sell it at boots.


Emma:              They do...


Alison:              And talking of boots...where are my boots? Hiking boots..because I could climb mountains...trek across forests!...come on Emma......let’s go...(They begin whizzing around the room, hyperactively)   (freeze)


Chelsea:          Sandals, boots, tights, leggings, jeans, ...ooh hats, scarves, scrunchies.....


Emmon:           Done. Is that it? That can’t be it, what do I take? What do I need? What if I bring the wrong things? What if I wear the wrong things? Shall I wear the blue top? What if it makes me look weird? Mum!!   (freeze)


Chelsea:          Lip-stick, lip-balm...sunscreen, done!!


Chelsea:          Well a girl has to be prepared, and look, it says so here; “make sure you bring all your essentials as these will not be provided. See, (pointing to case which Sam is struggling with)....essentials.


Mum! I can’t get it closed,:


Sit on it?!


 I can’t I’m too skinny and I’ll ruin the line of my clothes! Ok I’ll have a go….right...



Emmon:           Right, calm down Emmon, it’s going to be fine….don’t panic…o.k I’m panicking….what if I panic in front of people? What if they think I’m a freak?...Mum! Oh..people! There’s gonna be people there…loads of…new people, that I’ve never met….that don’t know me…mum!!


Chelsea:          Right then, we’re all set, come on Sam. (Sam moves to lift the case) (Freeze) Let’s just check the bags…1,2,3.


Emmon:           Calm down Emmon! Breathe…1,2,3


Alison / Emma:           Weeeh!! And a 1,2,3.


 © Melanie Clarke 2009


Scene Three:              Coach.  



Scene Four: Choral scene, Arrive at camp.



Big Sister:        Welcome girls! This is Big Sister. Camberbridge? Oaksford? It is wonderful to have you with us at the lodge. This is our first camp meet of the year and I’ve no doubt it will be the best. I can see you’re…. getting along already. Now, I’m not saying it will be easy, but remember….this is a wonderful opportunity to (all join in) meet girls your own age, learn from each other, and learn to appreciate each other’s company. You will no longer be two separate schools, you will work together. The first task will begin as soon as you’ve unpacked. Good luck!


ALL:      What! We have to do things together! As a team! With them! No Way!


(All walk off.)


Chelsea:          Well this is going to be fun!



 © Melanie Clarke 2009














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