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A BROKEN BOND By Melanie Clarke

Anna and Laurie meet up after a lifetime apart. Two sisters who stumble across each other on the web and begin to try to build bridges. But the optimism of Anna, is not shared by the more streetwise Laurie; who senses that her birth mother will not be as welcoming......A brilliant opportunity for five actresses to take on challenging lead roles. Especially suitable for youth theatres, KS4 and 5. Perfect for Drama and Theatre Studies exam texts.


Scene Four:



Pat:                   But it’s all a lie isn’t it? I mean, you and Anna are best buddies and all that but Lady Muck won’t be inviting you round for supper any time soon will she?


Laurie:              Why do you always have to spoil things? You put a downer on everything.


Pat:                   I’m just telling you the truth that’s all. And you know it. You can keep on meeting up in secret but you’re still not part of the family are you?


Laurie:              You are so selfish! You just can’t bear to see me happy can you? Just cause dad’s left you and every boyfriend you have is worthless you think I should be miserable too…


Pat:                   Who do you think you’re talking to? I’ve sat by while you’ve been off gallivanting to Lord knows where with miss La di da and I’ve not said a word. I’ve not said a word about the fact that you’ve decided to find them when I’ve been here all along…and you just throw it back in my face..


Laurie:              I didn’t mean it.


Pat:                   Yeah you did. And you know why? Because you think you’re better than me don’t you. You won’t admit it and you probably can’t even see it for yourself but I’m not good enough for you anymore. This…isn’t enough for you is it?


Laurie:              You’re talking rubbish.


Pat:                   Am I? Go on, go to the other side. I hope the grass isn’t so much greener that it blinds you.


Laurie:              I can stay today if you like.


Pat:                   Nah. You go.


Pat:                   (to audience)    Don’t look at me like that. What do you want me to say? Go on darling. Keep up your little meetings and when they decide the secret might get out and the game’s over I’ll be there to pick up the pieces. (She busies her self with “tidying”) Except I will be won’t I? There. To sort her out when it all goes wrong. And it will. You mark my words, there’s no happy ending here. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this Anna one isn’t lovely, she probably is…it’s a long shot….but she might be. But what I do know, is that that….woman, Her mother, won’t want anything to do with my Laurie, I mean she never has has she? We’re only 3 miles away and if I’d bumped into her in the street, she’d have looked away faster than a bolt of lightning. It’s too dangerous isn’t it? What with her husband and his posh job working abroad.….So when she finds out her precious daughter’s been raking up ghosts from the past….well…it’ll hit the fan.

                          So…I’ll let her go. Cause she’ll be back….won’t she?


© Melanie Clarke 2009

Scene Six:


Katherine:       How was the library Annabelle?


Anna:               It was great mother. I found some brilliant research material.


Katherine:       This project is lasting an awfully long time Anna. You’ve been so committed, I hope your tutor appreciates the extra effort.


Anna:               I’m sure she will.


Katherine:       What was the topic again Anna? Do remind me.


Anna:               Genetics mother.


Katherine:       That’s right. Sounds fascinating.


Anna:               Oh it is. It’s amazing what you can find out when you use the resources available.


Katherine:       You must be careful to record all references for  information Anna, and be sure they’re from a source you can trust.


Anna:               Oh I have. I checked that out first.


Katherine:       Well done dear. I’m so proud of you.


Anna:               Are you?


Katherine:       Off course. Maisie, just bring in that shopping for me. We’ve found a beautiful dress for her confirmation.


Anna:               That’s lovely. So important too that she looks right in the house of the lord. Have you ever been to confession mother?


Katherine:       (slightly surprised and caught off guard) I have, though not so much any more. Why are you asking?


Anna:               Just wondering. So there’s nothing you feel the need to confess now?


Katherine:       Are you alright Anna? Because this conversation is bordering on the rude.


Anna:               I’m wonderful mother, I’ll take dinner in my room if that’s alright.


Katherine:       You know I don’t like you eating in your room.


Anna:               Let’s break a few rules mother. Live dangerously.


(she exits, leaving Katherine bemused and unnerved)


©  Melanie Clarke 2009


Scene Seven:   A telephone rings. The two girls are in conversation at opposite ends of stage


Laurie:              How’s it going sis?


Anna:               O.k. I’m sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to upset you.


Laurie:              You didn’t. I just didn’t expect to feel that way. When you mentioned your mum, it just got to me that’s all.


Anna:               I’ve tried talking to her.


Laurie:              Have you?


Anna:               Yes. Well not directly. More, trying to coax it out of her.


Laurie:              It’s not a game Anna. Don’t mess with things you can’t handle. Either you be honest and say you’ve found out, or I suppose we just keep on meeting in secret until one of us gets bored.


Anna:               Doesn’t your mum mind?


Laurie:              She’s not exactly ecstatic, but she’s going along with it for my sake. Listen, I’ve gotta go. I’m visiting nan today. Talk soon.


Anna:               O.k. (realising Laurie has already gone) Oh.


(Katherine enters with Maisie)


Katherine:       Phew. This place is beginning to get overrun with people. It was so claustrophobic in town today, I could barely breathe! It felt like a great weight upon me, I’m sure I almost had a panic attack.


Anna:               You should go shopping online.


Katherine:       Oh no. I couldn’t buy fresh food on the computer, perish the thought.


Anna:               You can find out loads of stuff on the computer.


Katherine:       “Stuff” Anna. Honestly, perhaps you have been spending too long on that thing, you’re sounding like some kind of street child.


Anna:               You bought it for me.


Katherine:       Well, I suppose it has helped to improve the standard of your work, but I don’t want you to start abusing the privilege.


Anna:               I never would. But I’ve found out lots. Especially on History. Have you ever heard of social networking mother?


Katherine:       Hhmm? (she is preoccupied)


Anna:               When were you going to tell me you had another daughter?


(There is complete silence)


Anna:               When mother? When I was eighteen, twenty-one. When I had my first child perhaps?...


Katherine:       Maisie? Go to your room darling.


(Maisie is reluctant but leaves in shock, clearly upset)


Katherine:       What did you say to me Anna?


Anna:               You heard me mother.


Katherine:       This is not a topic for you. How did you find out.


Anna:               Why didn’t you tell me? She’s fifteen mum. It’s been so many years.


Katherine:       Have you met her?


Anna:               Have you?!


Katherine:       Do not be insolent Annabelle!


Anna:               Don’t be evasive mother.


Katherine:       Annabelle.


Anna:               You had a baby. You gave her up. And then you had Maisie and I? What made you keep us? What made us different?


Katherine:       These are very personal questions. Why are you speaking to me like this?! You don’t understand.


Anna:               Make me understand. Please?


Katherine:       I won’t discuss this with you. Not now.


Anna:               Then when? (silence) Here. (she gives Katherine a photograph of Laurie and herself) We took it last week.


Katherine:       So you have met her. (She sits staring at the photograph, before putting it aside)


(Maisie enters. She has been crying)


Katherine:       I don’t want you in here just now Maisie.


Anna:               Get out will you!


Maisie:             I don’t understand.


Anna:               What’s not to understand?


Katherine:       Annabelle.


Anna:               Perhaps you’re too young. Maybe mother will tell you all about it in 10 years time.


Katherine:       Anna.


Maisie:             Why are you being so nasty?


Anna:               I’m not! I’m being real! Mother had another child. Before she had us, before we were born.


Maisie:             Where is she?


Anna:               She doesn’t live far. She moved down from London. We’ve been meeting up.


Maisie:             Why?


Anna:               Because I found her on the internet, quite by accident really, coincidence, or fate and we got talking. I got to know her. We’re close.


Maisie:             And what about me?


Anna:               What about you?


Maisie:             Does she want to know me?


Anna:               I’m not sure.


Maisie:             I don’t want another sister. I don’t want things to change.


Anna:               We can’t stop it Maisie. Things will never be the same again.

©   Melanie Clarke 2009











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